Other Intellectual Property

Our attorneys’ knowledge of copyright law is enhanced by firsthand experience producing and performing theatrical productions and authoring writings for print and online publications. As talented musicians, actors, and writers, we offer a rich perspective on legal issues relating to copyright ownership, rights and protection.

Goodman Allen Donnelly represents authors, inventors, publishers, and nonprofit organizations in obtaining federal copyright registrations. We provide continuing support by counseling clients on the use and exploitation of their works by third parties. Our services include negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements for the sale, transfer, and use of copyrights, including publishing, licensing and assignment agreements.

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

Our attorneys have extensive experience with unfair competition, business, conspiracy, and tortious interference litigation.

Matters involving trade secrets and unfair competition often arise during our representation of clients in patent, trademark and copyright cases. We represent clients in disputes involving trade secrets, trade dress, and unfair competition. We also represent companies with employee non-compete and confidentiality issues.

Our attorneys draft and review policies and procedures to comply with trade secret laws while protecting proprietary and confidential business and commercial information. In cases where such measures are insufficient, we pursue and defend actions related to the misappropriation and improper use of trade secrets by employees, former employees, and third parties.

Emerging Technologies Affecting Intellectual Property Rights-Internet and Social Media Issues

Our attorneys are among the more than 1.5 billion Internet users, and so are our clients. The Internet is the hub of commercial activity, social networking and intellectual property piracy. Our attorneys stay abreast of the evolving laws and regulations governing e-commerce, intellectual property and social media.

Our services include developing company social media policies and guidelines to address trade secret and other intellectual property concerns, website audits and drafting and reviewing privacy, terms of use and other internet policies. We also offer monitoring services and represent our clients’ intellectual property interests in disputes arising from piracy and other cyber attacks.

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