Non-profits, Foundations, and Tax Exempt Organizations

Attorneys at Goodman Allen Donnelly have a long and established history of providing quality legal services both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Our non-profit clients range from entities with fewer than 5 employees to those with over 200, giving us a solid basis for understanding and anticipating the potential legal needs and issues facing our clients in today’s complex regulatory world.

With our unique experience of representing non-profits of all sizes, we also understand the economic concerns that our clients face. As such, we work hard to provide efficient, effective and proactive legal management designed to address legal issues and potential problems early on making every effort to avoid the cost of future legal expenditures, including especially litigation.

Our attorneys work closely with our non-profit and tax-exempt clients in both the creation and ongoing operation of their non-profit entity. By providing advice on corporate structure, governance, fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest and other matters critical to their formation, we assist our clients in addressing their organizational needs upfront. We draft the organizational documents and/or amendments; prepare tax exemption applications and all other required federal or state filings relative to their particular structure. We provide advice on issues important to their continuing tax-exempt status such as unrelated business income tax and exclusions, private inurement and/or benefit, intermediate sanctions issues and other business and transactional matters. We act as general counsel by drafting and reviewing contracts and lease agreements, by providing ongoing advice about employment matters, benefits, licensing issues, trademark, copyright, and general business matters including potential legal risks.

Our attorneys also counsel our non-profit clients in donor and fundraising activities issues such as compliance with state and federal charitable solicitation laws and income tax deductions and substantiation requirements for donors.

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