Virginia Department of Social Services Division of Licensing Programs Moves to an Online Platform for Assisted Living Facility Initial Applications

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On March 18, 2022, the Virginia Department of Social Services’ Division of Licensing Programs announced the launch of the Virginia Enterprise Licensing Application (“VELA”).[1] Providers can now access the online portal to begin an application at Though the full license application will roll out in phases, the first phase impacts initial applications to new facilities. Additional phases will be released later in 2022 and will include additional functionalities and application types.

In the first phase, adult day care centers, assisted living facilities, and children’s residential facilities will use a provider portal to submit an application for initial licensure and make online payments. While the online payments will be made through an online, third-party payment processing system, called Elavon, the application itself will be administered through VELA’s online portal.

To apply for ALF licensure, providers should have their tax ID number, business entity information, required documentation and staff information available when they complete the application through VELA. The online application will walk providers seeking ALF licensure through several sections, including: (1) Program Details, (2) Facility Specifics, (3) Business Entity Details, (4) Staff Information, (5) Required Documentation, (6) Application Summary, (7) Review and Signature, and (8) Payment.

Movement to an online portal should streamline the process for providers by making the process for filing an application more organized and conducive for submission. The requirements of the initial application have not changed and will still require certain documentation, such as the submission of three reference letters, a personal qualifying information form, information regarding financial information, an annual operating budget, one credit reference, and documents issued by the State Corporation Commission if relevant. See information listed in

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