Televisit Post Pandemic Trends

patient getting a televisitEarly in the COVID-19 pandemic, televisits surged as patients sought ways to safely access the healthcare they needed. However, while today it is safe to assume that there has been a widespread acceptance of televists, will this new trend continue post-pandemic?

Problems with Telehealth Visits

Amidst the pandemic, telehealth visits became the sole means for people to connect with their doctors. Although this allowed patients to access the necessary medical care and demonstrated that healthcare could be administered remotely, the approach was not without its flaws.

Doctor reviewing paperwork in front of a laptopDiagnosing Issues

It is not always possible for a doctor to diagnose a patient remotely. This is because doctors may be unable to properly assess and diagnose conditions through Zoom or a phone call alone. In many instances, patients will still need to have an in-person follow-up appointment, even after their televisit.

Accessibility Issues

Another problem that emerged from televisits was the ability to access a doctor. Since not everyone is able to use a secure personal computer, have an internet connection, or a high-quality cell phone, it became challenging for many to make these televisit appointments.

The Continuing Trends Regarding Televisits

Although there was a significant increase in televisits in April 2020, the use of telehealth has remained consistent since June 2020. However, there has been a recent shift in the specialties that utilize telehealth most frequently. For instance, psychiatry and substance use treatments tend to have the highest numbers when it comes to televisits, while ophthalmology and orthopedic surgery have the fewest.

Nonetheless, consumer research continues to show that patients continue to view televists as a critical part of the future of healthcare. More importantly, even though these views vary depending on the type of medical care needed, around 40% of survey consumers indicated that they would continue to use telehealth visits going forward, up from 11% of consumers using telehealth before COVID-19.

The Future of Telehealth and What To Expect

As patient interest continues to stay high for telehealth visits and investment in the space continues to grow, televisits will likely continue to stay with us for the long haul. However, for the medical field to ensure that this is a good option for their patients, certain changes still need to be made, especially regarding data integration and access.

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