You have formed a business and spent hours on the business plan. You have secured financing and signed a lease. But you cannot open your doors because your small business is not permitted under zoning and land use regulations. If this is your scenario, or you would like to avoid this scenario, please contact us.

Zoning laws are created and enforced almost solely by local government, which would be the city or county in which the building or land is located. In addition, if you are acquiring an existing business, our firm ensures that the business has secured proper zoning prior to closing. If a site is not zoned for your type of business, our firm may be able to help by filing variance and conditional use applications. 

The five major categories of zoning are:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Recreational
  • Residential

If your business doesn't fall within the correct zone, you cannot conduct or open your business unless it falls into some exception. The following are types of zoning exceptions:

  • Non-Conforming Use
  • Conditional Use
  • Variances or Special Use Permits
  • Spot Zoning

Our firm can assist with the application process for the initial approval by a locality or help you request a zoning exception.

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