Martha A. Weis Presents PRO Copyright License Agreements

Goodman Allen Donnelly attorney, Martha A. Weis, presented at the December 2015 meeting of the Greater Richmond Intellectual Property Law Association (GRIPLA):  “What to do When You Get the Letter: Practical Considerations of PRO Copyright License Agreements”.  This CLE focused on the small business owner’s options when confronted with a PRO Copyright License Agreements, the risks associated with copyright liability and other practical considerations. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) (e.g., ASCAP, BMI and SESAC) provide an intermediary function by collecting and distributing royalty revenue between the copyright holder and the party wishing to publicly perform the copyrighted work. Unless an exemption applies, small businesses, such as shopping and dining venues, may unknowingly infringe a copyright by, for example, playing background music for their patrons.