Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. The occasion was first marked by Presidential Proclamation in 1984, and Congress officially recognized the day in 1999. It is held each year on the Friday before Mother’s Day, and it is a time to recognize and thank all military spouses for their service and for the impact they have on our military and the military community through supporting our service members.

Typically, the President of the United States issues a Proclamation to mark the occasion, and this year is no exception as the White House released President Biden’s Proclamation earlier today. In it, the President remarked that military spouses share the “common attribute of uncommon resilience.” That comment struck me, as I have often remarked on the resilience of my fellow military spouses. Personally, I believe the resilience I have gained (and continue to strengthen) through my 10+ years as a military spouse have made me a better partner, mother, and attorney.

Military spouses often face significant and unique challenges in seeking and maintaining employment, particularly in fields that require state-specific licensing. As in previous years when I have been honored to author a post marking this day, I am thankful for Goodman Allen Donnelly’s support of the military and veteran communities and of me as a military spouse attorney/employee. The firm is proud to employ numerous veterans and military spouses and to serve our nation’s military veterans and their families each day through the Veterans Benefits Group.

Today, Goodman Allen Donnelly joins with companies and individuals across the country in recognizing and honoring military spouses for their invaluable contributions to their families, their communities, their professions, and to our country. Thank you.