Eileen Talamante, Esq. BSN, RN, Receives 2020 Year of the Nurse Award

Goodman Allen Donnelly’s nurse attorney, Eileen Talamante, was recently honored with the second of two prestigious awards in recognition of her outstanding advocacy on behalf of nurses during 2020, The Year of the Nurse.

In December, Eileen received the Virginia Nurses Foundation’s (VNF) 2020 Year of the Nurse Award. This award comes on the heels of Eileen receiving the “2020 Outstanding Advocate Award” from The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA) in October.

Eileen was recognized on December 12 at VNF’s Virtual Awards Gala, an annual event honoring the exceptional work of registered nurses across the commonwealth. This year’s awards took on special significance, as 2020 was proclaimed Year of the Nurse long before anyone could have imagined the degree to which nurses would be thrust into the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses have been essential to fighting the pandemic not only as frontline providers of care to the sick, but also in their work to keep communities and patients safe, and providing support with innovative ideas and compassion.

“Finalists of this award truly embody the spirit of what it means to be a nurse leader. They are compassionate, driven, and determined to positively impact the nursing profession. They see a need for improvement in their community and go above and beyond to deliver lasting results. Whether they are long into their nursing career or newly graduated, these individuals are creating innovative patient solutions that will shape the nursing practice for years to come,” said VNF President Terris Kennedy.

In nominating her for the award, Goodman Allen Donnelly colleague Michael Goodman said, “Eileen’s internal passion for her fellow nurses, combined with more than 20 years of nursing and legal experience, has made her an incredible champion for nurses all over the state of Virginia. Whether it is dealing with the incredibly complicated mental health issues of a nurse client, or defending nurses, Eileen approaches every case as if it is the most important one, because it certainly is to that nurse client.”

Among her other activities this year, Eileen wrote an article about the “haunting irony” of 2020 being the “Year of the Nurse” and COVID-19. Writing the article was an emotional and cathartic journey and she did her best to honor the hundreds of nurses she has represented over the years as well as their unique stories and struggles that only she was privy to in her trusted role as legal counsel. Eileen has remained un-wavered in her determination to be a relied-upon advocate and resource for Virginia’s nurses throughout these difficult times. Her article received high reviews and was picked up for publishing in May of 2020 in both of the primary medical/legal publications in Virginia: Virginia Lawyers Weekly and the Virginia Medical Law Report. The article, 2020 is Designated as The Year of the Nurse… WOW, is it Ever…, is also featured on the firm’s Crux of the Matter blog.

More information about the VNF, and all 20 recipients of the 2020 Year of the Nurse Award, may be found in the gala event program.