Daniel Krasnegor Featured Faculty for Veterans’ Benefits CLE

Daniel Krasnegor, the lead attorney with the firm’s Veterans Benefit Group, will be featured as faculty for the Virginia CLE’s Veterans’ Benefits Qualifying Course in July. The course serves as an attorney’s guide to the Department of Veterans Affairs system and outlines the types of claims that commonly require attorney assistance. Many veterans and their families are eligible for veterans’ benefits but do not take advantage of them due to confusion over benefits available, eligibility requirements, and the complexity of the application process itself.

To practice before the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA regulations require that a lawyer take a three-hour accreditation seminar. Attorneys wishing to become accredited by the VA must first complete and file the VA Application for Accreditation and receive approval back before attending the seminar.

Course Overview

Become familiar with the Department of Veterans Affairs system, the types of claims that commonly require your assistance, and learn about the new Administrative Management Act that changed the appeal process beginning in February 2019.

Help veterans and their families get benefits to which they are entitled, including:

  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
  • Disability Compensation
  • Employment and Training
  • Parents’ Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
  • Special Monthly Compensation
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Veterans Health Care
  • Veterans Life Insurance
  • Burial and Memorial
  • Death Pension

Register online for the Veterans’ Benefits Qualifying Course here.

Dan Krasnegor was recently featured in a Virginia Law Foundation “Faculty Spotlight”

Q: What experience do you have in representing veterans and their families?

A: Two-and-a-half years’ experience working at VA, first at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and later at the VA General Counsel’s office. I’ve been in private practice, essentially limiting my practice to VA benefits and during this time, since 1998, I have represented nearly 3,000 veterans and/or their families; this representation has been at the VA Regional Office and Board of Veterans’ Appeals, before the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This representation includes claims for VA compensation benefits, widow’s benefits, pension, education benefits and more.

Q: What inspired you to pursue this practice area?

A: I worked for about two and a half years for the VA and thought that I could make more of a difference representing veterans and their families, so I switched sides.

Q: What’s the most important topic or lesson you’d like attendees to learn from your upcoming Veterans’ Benefits seminar?

A: The most important lesson to take from the seminar is that veterans benefits law is its own world. While there may be superficial similarities to other areas of the law, it is important to understand the ways in which the VA is unique, and to integrate these unique laws, regulations and practices into successful representation.