What We Do For Clients

Proactive Approach

At Goodman Allen Donnelly, we place tremendous emphasis on finding creative solutions for problems that plague businesses and organizations in these competitive times. Our reputation lies in our ability to bring parties together to resolve disputes without unnecessary legal intervention. This is achieved through a proactive approach designed to protect our clients from potential exposure by thoughtful strategic planning. However, when litigation is unavoidable, our clients appreciate our reputation for vigorous and tenacious advocacy.

Our attorneys participate in a wide range of industry and professional organizations that provide information on the latest trends and developments in the market place. Through this proactive approach we ensure our clients are advised of not only potential threats to their business, but as importantly, prospective opportunities.

Client Centered Collaboration

Predictability is critical for our clients who are dealing with set budgets, expectations, accountability and market place realities. At Goodman Allen Donnelly, we incorporate a cross discipline, collaborative approach to understanding our clients industry, business goals and metrics for success which in turn better aligns our attorneys with our client's interests to ensure we provide the high quality, cost efficient, value-oriented legal services they deserve. The firm strives to be the number one provider of legal services to each of our clients, as rated by our clients. We believe that communication with a focus on providing legal services in a manner that delivers excellence while at the same time manages cost, minimizes risk and cuts down on delivery time is the key to that success.

Strategic Solutions

At Goodman Allen Donnelly, we pride ourselves on providing technically excellent, tailored legal services by working closely with our clients to understand their priorities and desired outcomes. Drawing on our extensive legal experience over cross disciplines, our attorneys are then able to provide timely advice that offers a clear and considered recommendation to decision makers. While our seasoned trial attorneys are always ready to go to court, we also understand there are various pressures and business concerns that demand alternative resolution. Our experience in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution gives our clients an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons as we develop the most comprehensive strategic approach to protecting our clients commercial, personal, and financial best interests.

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