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Only the letterhead has changed.

Our firm is being acquired by a large regional law firm:  Goodman Allen Donnelly We will go from 3 attorneys to 30+, with licenses in about 10 additional states.  We will pick up Tax Law Expertise, Patent and Trademark Expertise, Litigation (especially in the Religious Defense Area) and other areas!

The letterhead is changing…your lawyers are not!

Goodman is acquiring my entire team, so none of the attorneys that you are used to dealing with will change!  They are even bringing Johanna along with me!  I will be in charge of all the business law for my team and much of the business law for the firm, and be able to access other expertise within Goodman Allen Donnelly when needed.

We remain committed to providing a positive legal experience by listening to and communicating effectively with our clients. By joining Goodman Allen Donnelly, our firm continues to provide transactional business services to small to mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs and families based on three core values:

  1. Preserving your family legacy for future generations
  2. Protecting your wealth
  3. Passing on your assets to the next generation

We are known for providing thorough, dependable and diligent legal representation. We believe that efficiently managing client expenses, timely communication and meeting deadlines will result in established, long-term relationships.

Three locations across Virginia

Norfolk - Richmond - Charlottesville

Now with 30+ attorneys

Expanded Practice Areas to Better Serve Our Clients

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